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CodyePresent code in a beautiful way with Codye!

Tired of those blurry or plain-text code snippets in slides and documentation? Do you need to embed code in a fast, JavaScript-free way into your blog or website?

Codye helps you present your code in more than 180 languages and more than 80 themes. You can export your highlighted code snippets to PNG, JPEG and HTML, while fine-tuning many options to your liking:

– Show window buttons
– Enable Line numbers
– Customize background color. Codye will look at your current theme and present you with custom colors to match the current style. You can also select any other color with the integrated HSB color picker.
– Custom scale and resolution
– Embed CSS styling to your HTML output
– Shortcuts integration for automating your snippets

Codye also allows navigating and using most of its features entirely from your keyboard, to enable power users to their most cutting edge needs.


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