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Code Compiler, Programming

Code Compiler, ProgrammingCoding on the go. That's what all developers need from time to time. Code Compiler IDE allows you to code and runs your code instantly.

With Code Compiler, you can practice to code in 10 programming languages using an integrated library of source code samples (100+ code examples available).

App features:

– Write & Run Real Code (like on PC or Mac)
– 10 Languages Supported
– Sync Between Devices
– View program output or detailed error (in a Real-Time!)
– Code examples library (contains 100+ examples)
– Great code editor (4 themes available)
– Compiler Flags, Input Arguments, STDIN, etc

This is the only mobile application supporting many programming languages for coding:

* C
* C++ / CPP
* Swift
* Javascript (Node.js)
* Java
* Python
* Ruby
* Go
* Kotlin

In addition to the programming language itself, it is possible to choose its version. The app contains the most popular and latest versions of 10 languages.

A unique feature of the application is the STDIN support (premium feature) in the application console. At runtime, you can interact with the program using standard I / O streams using the keyboard of your device. This feature of the Code Compiler allows you to work with the program just like it does on a regular PC.

Premium subscription benefits:
– Up to 4x faster
– Sync between devices
– Internet access
– STDIN Support
– Max execution time is 1 minute
– 128 MB of RAM available
– No ads

Note: Graphics functions are not supported.

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