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Clades Solo

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Clades Solo

Clades SoloClades Solo challenges you to match animal cards according to their evolutionary relationships. A “clade” is a complete branch of the evolutionary tree, such as mammals, arthropods, and sauropsids (reptiles and birds together). Can you make a triple match with one card of each clade? What about animals of the water, land, and air? How fast can you spot the two cards that go with the first card to make a “triple”?

* Science notes about the three larger clades and the nine smaller clades, including bats, primates, whales, birds, lizards, winged insects, spiders, and crabs.
* Modern animals, prehistoric animals (dinosaurs, mammoths, pterosaurs), or both
* Play at your own pace. No failure for playing slowly.
* Hint button to help you get started and to help when you’re stuck.
* From the Grandmother Fish team: children’s book illustrator Karen Lewis and award-winning game designer Jonathan Tweet.
* Uses the same matching rules as the card games Clades and Clades Prehistoric by Atlas Games.

“based on solid science” – John S. Mead, the Eugene McDermott Master Teacher in Science at St. Mark’s School of Texas