BigNight: Dinner Party Planner

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BigNight: Dinner Party Planner

BigNight: Dinner Party PlannerPlan and organize your next dinner party or holiday meal. Set your menu, import recipes, create shopping lists, add reminders. On the big day, everything is organized and at your fingertips. BigNight supports iPhone and iPad, and syncs between devices, so everyone is always up-to-date.

‣ Create your menu: Decide what you'll serve, organized by course. Or, browse our featured menus for great dinner party ideas.
‣ Select recipes: Import recipes from your favorite web sites using the built-in browser, recipes you've pinned on Pinterest or saved to your Evernote account, or from Safari with the BigNight share extension.
‣ Create shopping lists: Add items to an unlimited number of shopping lists, organized by store; check off each item as you get it.
‣ Add reminders: Set reminders for each big task, whether it's a make-ahead item days in advance or a last-minute garnish. You'll receive a notification for each reminder, and you can acknowledge or snooze a reminder right from your lock-screen.
‣ Sync: Keep everyone up to date, automatically. Check an item off a shopping list, or mark a task complete, and everyone is updated instantly.
‣ Share: Publish your menu as a beautifully-designed web page and share with your guests, or to your friends on Twitter, Facebook and more. Other BigNight users can import your menu and recipes with a single tap.
‣ Universal App: iPhone & iPad support included in single purchase.


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