Beyond Gravity

Beyond Gravity

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Beyond Gravity

Beyond GravityBeyond Gravity is procedurally generated "platformer" where you jump in-between planets and try to collect as many pickups as you can. This gets progressively harder the further you jump. No need to worry tho as you can upgrade your character with loads of upgrades and power-ups! Take control of brave space explorer and hold out as long as you can while collecting missing parts of your spaceship. Never miss to build up crazy score multipliers.

– Cleverly designed control scheme where all actions in the game are controlled by only one button – the whole screen.
– Procedurally generated levels ensure non-repetitive and never ending fun.
– Many goals and upgrades waiting to be unlocked, providing hours of entertainment.
– Unique, old-cartoon style graphics running at 60fps.

Devoid of In-App Purchases!