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AVM MAG (Aviation Maintenance)

AVM MAG (Aviation Maintenance)For over 20 years Aviation Maintenance Magazine has been one of the leading aviation titles to cover MRO, upgrade and refurbishment on commercial, business/GA and military aircraft globally. Published bi-monthly.

Aviation Maintenance’s mission is simple. We write about what it takes to keep aircraft in the air, where they can make money. But even through our mission is simple, we understand that the business of aviation maintenance is anything but simple. The complexities of this business are something most people in the flying public never think about and that is how it should be.

The analogy of a calm and elegant swan gliding across the water comes to mind. Meanwhile, beneath the surface of the swan’ s legs are pumping furiously to propel it so elegantly. This is the like the business of aviation maintenance. This industry works passionately to keep aircraft gliding elegantly through the sky. Meanwhile, on the ground, the people work diligently, coordinating supply chain, parts, schedules, finances, multiple inspection in multiple locations, equipment, regulatory compliance, personnel, safety and tools among other things. And passengers board their flights, safe in the knowledge that the aircraft is well cared for and functioning properly.

At Aviation Maintenance, we strive to give our subscribers, who are the professionals and decision-makers in the industry, from mechanics to mangers to CEOs and business owners, the information they need to do their work more efficiently and with greater ease. We show our subscribers ways to maintain aircraft less expensively and ways to save money. We cover products and services that can help and show our subscribers what technology may be coming to their hangar next. We also keep our subscribers informed about regulatory changes coming their way.

We do all of this while keeping one thing in mind. Those who work in this industry are some of the most intelligent and creative people with the highest levels of integrity. We salute our subscribers and thank them for the complex work they do everyday to keep those aircraft gliding effortlessly through the sky.


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