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Authen DigitalAre you ready for touch-free authentication? Authen Digital is a patented way to make 2FA simpler, safer and easy to use. Are your users frustrated trying to access their accounts via tokens, dongles, give away phone numbers to receive SMS codes or challenges with silly, often personal questions, obscure image analysis or sounds only to be locked out? The system is certainly safe if nobody can log in, but then again the only work being done is at the help desk. We understand the issues and have eliminated them.

With Authen Digital integrated into your app, users can enjoy a highly secure log in leveraging Authen Digital's trusted device heuristics and user accounts. It’s a secure, simple and touch-free process providing peace of mind for you and the users.

Better than a firewall, IP based solution or Token solutions, Authen Digital gathers device specific information so you know that the device accessing an account is the one that's supposed to be. No man-in-the-middle, spoofing or session hi-jacking concerns to worry about. Authen Digital's value proposition comes with none of the administration, configuration or maintenance headaches associated with currently available products and works alongside with other security applications.

To better understand how our technology makes this happen, create your Authen Digital account and start registering your devices to see it in action.


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