Appfigurate for iOS ダウンロード

Appfigurate for Android ダウンロード


AppfigurateAppfigurate is a suite of tools for iOS and watchOS developers and testers. Appfigurate provides secure runtime configuration for iOS and watchOS, apps and app extensions. Simulator and Device.

* Suffering from slow compilation and deployment times? Speed up development and testing by removing the edit/compile/deploy cycle, when you just need to change your apps configuration.

* Multiple test environments? Reduce your Xcode projects complexity by removing custom build schemes. Build, deploy and test just one app.

Appfigurate consists of:

* Appfigurate app – both a Simulator and Device build – to allow you to configure your apps at runtime.
* Appfigurate library – a small static XCFramework to embed into your apps.
* Examples – Objective-C and Swift.
* Documentation.

Download the free Appfigurate SDK (including Appfigurate Simulator build) today from


* Appfigurate uses digital signatures to sign and verify configuration payloads. (2048-bit RSA with SHA256)

* Appfigurate doesn't require a network connection, and it doesn't store your secrets in the cloud.

* Execute custom action methods to go beyond basic property manipulation.

* Apply configuration to your iOS app when running UI automation (XCUITest) tests.

* Safely embed sensitive information such as server URLs into your app with our encrypted strings feature.

* Change the configuration of any embedded app extension (Action, Keyboard, Intent, Photo Editing, VPN, Share, Today…)


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