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Air Transport PublicationsNow you can read all your favourite aviation titles from Air Transport Publications on the go, directly from Newsstand! Download now for your iPad and iPhone.

Air Transport Publications provides authoritative and independent coverage of the aviation market through its popular print magazines and monthly MRO newsletter.

Our four magazines – MRO Management, Aircraft Cabin Management, Airline Cargo Management, and Low Cost & Regional Airline Business – and monthly newsletter, MRO News Focus, report on a wide range of stories, as well as any recent developments within their respective sectors. With articles written by established aviation journalists, our publications are respected sources of strategy for senior professionals around the world.

This app allows you to access the latest editions for free, as well as browse our rich archive all the way back to 2008; all of which are fully searchable. Share any pertinent articles with colleagues via Twitter, Facebook and email. You can also download the editions to allow for offline reading when you’re on the go.

Our app – at a glance:
•Read all five titles in one place
•Archives that date back to 2008
•Download, search within, or share the edition
•Read the edition in either portrait (single page) or in landscape (double page) view
•Tap articles on the Contents page to go straight to that feature
•Click on the page number for quick navigation
•Double tap or pinch to zoom in/out
•Return to the home page to see another title by clicking the Back button

Subscriptions to Air Transport Publications is free and does not expire.

For further information, help or support, please visit

“Although I personally don’t really like iPads and iOS from a user point of view, I was able to easily navigate the Air Transport Publications app, browse through the different magazine issues and use the different features. In general I liked the app and will most likely continue to use it.”

Dmitry Vertikhin,
Deputy Director, Interiors Design
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company

“GOOD JOB! The Air Transport Publications app works well, beyond expectation. I had no problem getting into the app on my iPad and the different features are easy to find. Overall, I found the reading experience quite comfortable and satisfactory.”

Gabriele Renzulli
Professor of Aircraft Maintenance
Dpt of Aerospace Engineering
University of Naples – Italy


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